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The Legion strives to cost the Caravan all, and Alliance High Command has already cost them the life of their Tactical Officer, and they fear, the Caravan Master herself. Her Attaché, Buckingston, has taken control of the Caravan and seeks to hold them together until he finds her. In the process, a rank sitting above the Officer Core, hitherto unknown to all but Caravan Master Mossclaw, has been revealed and many are unsure of what it heralds.

The waters are deep, and there has been betrayal from within, now laying exposed and on the long path towards healing. There are no fair options – the Legion’s deepening presence makes it clear that going alone is not a course that would end well. In fact, their numbers continue to grow, a direct result of the carnage upon the Broken Shore; and if they are more selective now, well it is no wonder.

The Caravan shifts. Buckingston sees everyone as a tool to fight the Legion and drives all at a hard pace. The newly appointed Tactical Officer, Galious, is at odds with such, and as a Druid, understands deeply that a stiff bough breaks, while the true course is to bend with the winds.

Still, with the Legion sowing havoc and death they continue to press forward – lending their aid and delving into the Nightmare.

The Caravan truly walks in a Nightmare of their own – locked in a state of uncertainty, hoping to recover the Master, and every week that passes a report sent to them that drains them of hope: no activity logged.

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